Experience Provider

10 Reasons to Use Huptown XP for your Experience Business

Huptown XP is part of the Huptown platform that allows experience providers to create and sell unique experiences on the Huptown platform. Experiences created will be visible to users of Huptown enabling them to discover, book, and travel to providers destination seamlessly.

There are many benefits of creating and selling experiences on Huptown XP but here are some 10 good reasons:

Increase Sales

XP lets you increase sales and tap into a diverse audience who cut across different locations and demographics from tourists to families and local experience seekers. Simply put, Huptown XP will be like your marketing machine and your sales vehicle.

Bring your Guests to your Door

Who does not like to skip the trouble of jumping from one public transport to another or the stress of driving through the hustle and bustle of congestion for the convenience of a seamless process that takes them to their experience destination. Huptown help solve the usual travel difficulty that most experience seekers encounter when seeking fun or magical experiences. With Huptown XP, the experience begins from their homes.

Your Product in the Spotlight

The XP platform is built with interesting algorithms such as in-app localisation and marketing features that lets you get discovered easily. You will also leverage on Huptown’s marketing, PR activities and campaign to support your brand building and put yourself in the spotlight.

Your own Experiential Promotional Campaign

Huptown XP does not only help to promote your existing experiences to the right audience, it lets you set-up targeted promotional experiences or events to attract specific guests easily.

Your ticketing and entry solution

Whether as a ticketing solution, venue management, or for tracking inventory, XP serves you in many ways and lets you check-in your guests in a breeze with our QR technology.

Reduce no shows

Tickets are paid for at the time of booking, so you can worry less about no shows.

Better than advertising

Advertising isn’t working anymore; people skip TV ads and majority of online surfers are inundated with ads. Huptown is a fresh and hyperlocal way of improving your discoverability and changing the way you market your products.

Get Repeat Sales

Huptown XP has a powerful customer retention programme that let’s you keep your customers coming.

Generate Buzz

Huptown XP offers a lot of possibilities such as letting you generate buzz through experimental marketing focused on your venue, product or offering.

Get into the Experience Economy

We live in the Experience Economy where people desire memorable experiences than simple products and services. This means that thousands more people can buy your products if you turn them into memorable experiences. There is no better way to become part of the Experience Economy than through the XP platform.