Connect the World with Huptown Flights

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With hundreds of airlines available on the Huptown app, searching and booking your flight has never been so easy.

Whether it’s for vacation, business or leisure, Huptown connects you to the World in simple clicks.

Here are great reasons why you should book your next flight trip on Huptown.


Imagine a World where there’s no choice and you can’t compare prices and flight offerings between different carriers.

With a lot to compare and choose from, finding and booking your next trip on Huptown gets easier because we let you see and compare offerings from multiple carriers around the World.

Ability to compare prices and offerings between different airline carriers just makes perfect sense, that is why you should not take choice for granted.

Free complimentary airport trip

In some cities, Huptown will give you a complimentary airport trip to make your journey seamless. (This feature is currently available in some UK cities and it’s coming to more cities in and outside the UK soon).`Complimentary airport trips are designed to help make your journey seamless and stress free.

Earn the Hupcoin

Hupcoin is our premier reward program designed with modern travellers in mind; it is perfect for any average traveller because it lets you earn rewards on flights, hotels, experiences and rides in one place without the need for many apps and websites.

Get rewarded each time you book a flight on Huptown and use your coin towards redeeming wonderful gifts such as a free flight ticket and lots more.

These rewards can be redeemed without limit to any particular hotel, carrier or seller unlike other reward schemes that limit you to a particular hotel or airline carrier.

Customer service

If something goes wrong with your flight booking, our customer support agents are on hand to help you because Huptown gives priority to every booking. We are available 24/7 via email and phone call because every customer means a lot to us.

Fly for less with TownPass

For a small monthly fee, our TownPass subscription plans will let you save hundreds on flight bookings for the whole year.

For frequent travellers, TownPass is a sure way to save thousands on flight tickets and hotels. Our subscription plans also give you access to a wide range of other travel perks and services.

TownPass is currently available to UK customers but it’s coming to other cities soon.

Everything in one place

As well as booking your flight on Huptown, you can reserve hotels and experiences to keep everything in one place. So Huptown is a way of organising your itinerary to make it easily traceable and manageable.

Flight transparency

When booking a flight on Huptown, you will always see how many checked in bags your ticket allows.

Most flights will show zero or one checked-in bag, but if you add a couple more bucks, you can always check-in more bags with most airlines.

Or you can keep searching on Huptown to discover flights with more bag check-in options. You cannot add extra bags on Huptown as of yet, but we are working hard to introduce this feature soon.

Instant booking

When you have found your flight on Huptown and decide to pay for it, your PNR will be generated instantly.

Make use of your Huptown wallet

Like many people, saving for the next flight or holiday is not easy because these little savings can be taken away by other personal and family commitments and responsibilities.

That is why we have designed the Huptown wallet to help you put some money aside, which you can use towards your next flight and other travel plans.

Saving towards your next flight even gets better with our SAVE NOW FLY LATER scheme, which is part of TownPass.