Drive for Huptown

After so many iterations and working on feedbacks received from our beta drivers, Huptown is happy to announce a release of the first version of our driver’s app. The release will take place on the 1st of September 2022 and will be available on the Android and iOS app stores.

There’s plenty of reasons why you should join Huptown as a driver this autumn.

Here’s a few:

A class of its own

Huptown is not a ride-hailing or a cab company; we are combining the best of travel and mobility with technology to create positive experience for users. Huptown is a class of its own and we are bent on being different and acting different in ways that conform with customer and driver needs. What makes us different is reflected in our approach and the services that we offer such as our first of a kind (travel and mobility as a service, experiences, and tourism products). When you join us, we’d expect you to be the best that you can be to help service the needs of our users.

Driver focused

We are built for drivers because we have taken all of your needs into account to design our platform. From our unbeatable low margin commission to our market leading reward system such as the Huppoints, combined with Huptown’s three tier system and a lot more on offer, drivers are surely going to build a better career on Huptown than anywhere else. Feeling squeezed driving for other platforms has been a common story that we have heard, but with Huptown, it’s time to tell a different story.

Better ways to make money

We have built a leading platform called Huptown XP for experience providers to create magical experiences that will appeal to locals and tourists. Aside from everyday driving, it’s your chance to jump on board to make money by doing something fun and flexible if you become an experience provider. Imagine creating a cuisine experience on a Friday evening in your own home where you share your food and entertain guests with your culture and going to their homes to pick them up. It doesn’t stop there, there’s plenty of more fun and memorable things you can put together to create magic for thrill and experience seekers who are waiting.

Fairness and Balance

Huptown is different because of our approach to fairness and balance, that is why we have created industry’s first driver’s disciplinary procedure to ensure that our staff do not treat drivers indiscriminately or make decisions at will without following laid down procedures. We are also creating a Driver’s forum, managed by senior trusted drivers to resolve matters and conflicts related to deactivation, pay, suspension and so on. The Driver’s Forum will be in full force by January 2023.

There’s plenty more reasons why you should join us, but more importantly, Huptown is a revolution.

Download the Huptown Driver’s app from the app store to get started or visit