Forget 5 Stars, Go for Huptown Golden Smile

Five-star ratings are synonymous with every marketplace and e-commerce platforms because they help provide simple feedbacks that are used to evaluate service quality and reflect on the behaviour of users and service providers. But 5 stars are also known to be sometimes less trustworthy and misleading.

Huptown believes that 5-star ratings are boring and are not designed for today’s platform users. So, we decided to create something new but instead of reinventing the wheel, we have redesigned it with our Smile rating system.

Across the Huptown platform we will use the “Smile rating” as the default rating system.

This means that users, drivers, providers, partners, and creators who rate one another on Huptown will use the smile rating instead of 5 stars.

The smile rating system is a five-step quadrant each consisting of a smiley face shaded in distinct colours that represent the feedback and emotion of the user and service provider.

  • Golden face represents (Excellent), the highest rating which means maximum satisfaction
  • Green face means (Very good) which means that a service experience was good but has chances for further improvement
  • Purple face translates to (Quite good), meaning that a service experience is average and has lots of chances for improvement
  • Grey face means (Not satisfied), which means that a service experience was poor and not up to expectation
  • Errmmm is represented by (orange face) which means a really poor service experience

User, driver, or provider with consistent orange face will be penalised by deactivation.

There’s so much about the Smile rating but we want to keep simple it for now in the hope to get users acquainted to the new standard of platform rating and it’s promises for the future.