"Revolutionizing Mobility: Huptown Leads the Way!"

Unfortunately, the ridehailing industry has fallen short of its promises, exacerbating existing problems instead of offering valuable and sustainable solutions. Until today, the marketplace is still highly fragmented; surge pricing, high marketplace commissions, poor…

Huptown Experience: Unforgettable adventures with a twist

Break free from the ordinary and dive headfirst into a world of excitement and authenticity because we’re about to unveil the remarkable Huptown experience – the ticket to unforgettable adventures with a twist! Some may wonder, “What’s the big deal?

It's New Dawn for Multi-day tours & Experiences.

Huptown want users to save the effort spent browsing through dozens of websites and apps to discover and book incredible adventures and extraordinary places and activities around the World, with the introduction of one a tour and experiences marketplace. Huptown…

Introducing TownPass FLEX for rides.

What is FLEX? FLEX is our monthly ride subscription plan that let users pay a fix price for fixed rides, the plan is ideal for short city trips and is available to users above the age of 18. FLEX is designed to help users save on the cost of travel and travel easily…

Introducing TownPass FLY-X

With the cost of travel skyrocketing from time to time, there is no better way to lock in better prices and travel without fuss. For a reasonable fee paid in two small instalments, FLYX is on hand to help users avoid the high cost of travel by waving off commissions, fees…

Introducing TownPass Save Now Fly Later.

What is SAVE NOW FLY LATER? TownPass, Save Now Fly Later is a monthly subscription plan designed with travellers in mind to help save in advance for future flights, hotels, and holidays in small instalments. SAVE NOW FLY LATER also provides discounts on…

Introducing TownPass CoverHup.

Withstaffingshortages anddifferentcrises continuingto affect airlines, last-minute cancellation and missing luggage is now an everyday occurrence. Protecting your flight and holiday gives you the peace of mind needed when you need to travel…

The Gift of Appreciation: Introducing Huptown Giftcards.

There’s always someone in everyone’s life who deserve that extra appreciation, love and kindness. Whether its a friend, family or a loved one, Huptown Gift cards are a perfect way to say thank you or to express your love and appreciation. Huptown gift…

Connect the World with Huptown Flights

With hundreds of airlines available on the Huptown app, searching and booking your flight has never been so easy. Whether it’s for vacation, business or leisure, Huptown connects you to the World in simple clicks. Here are great reasons why you should book your next…