How to Hack a Cheap Flight

cheap flights

With the recession closing in and the cost-of-living crisis biting hard, finding, and booking an affordable flight ticket have become an important factor when considering to travel.

We have put together some great tips to help you find and book cheap flights.

Get the Huptown app

If you have not already downloaded the Huptown app, you should head to the app store to get a copy and start searching.

Huptown has a simple user interface that make navigating pages easily as this will aid a seamless search. Huptown is also great for discovering the perfect connections because it lets you compare over 300 airlines and thousands of connections.

Compared to using one airline or visiting multiple airline websites, Huptown keeps it together in one place to make your travel planning easy.

Use the search filter

You should sort results by using the lowest price filter to show the best available flight options based on price.

Depending on your route, results may show low-cost careers along with full-service airlines.

Low-cost careers are usually available on Europe, Asia, and American routes and are the best way to travel cheap. Be aware than low-cost flights may offer limited seat and bag options.

Be flexible around dates

There is no better way to discover cheap flights than having a flexible travel date because that leaves the room to compare between different dates rather than having just one choice.

Be flexible about city choice

Sometimes, it is a lot cheaper to travel to a nearby city than your preferred city.

When searching for a cheap flight, you should consider a nearby city to that is close by to your preferred destination and compare the fare.

Be airport aware

When selecting your from and destination airport, you will have the option to select ‘All airports’, or a specific airport. To find the best result by price, using the All-airports option is the best option because it will show you flights en-route to different airports within your selected city, therefore, giving you more price options to choose from.

Book on time

The closer you make your flight booking, the higher the prices are likely to become.

If you book on time, you may be able to knock off some bucks off the ticket price. Flight prices especially become high during most holiday seasons and the summer period.

Booking up to 3-6 months ahead will not be a bad idea.

Go for no change allowed tickets

If you are certain about your travel plans and there is no likelihood of cancellation, ticket options with no change or cancellation allowed are usually cheaper.

You should bear in mind that they come with a risk of losing your money if your travel plan changes.

If the math works for you, you can protect your ticket by going for our COVERHUP subscription plan which protects you by refunding up to 80% of your payment if you decide to change or cancel. (COVERHUP is currently available in the UK but is coming to other cities).

Get on our TownPass FLYX plan

There is no better way to reduce the cost of your flight than jumping on one of our subscription plans such as FLYX which gives you up to 10% discount on flights and hotel bookings everytime you need to travel during the year.

It is a great way to reduce the cost of your flight and travel especially if you need to travel more than twice during the year.

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