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How to Sell an Event/Experience on Huptown XP

Event and Experience Providers of all kinds, from Spa shops to tour guides, adventure sellers, Escape rooms, destinations, and so on, can take advantage of the Huptown XP Platform to create and sell unique experiences to Guests on the Huptown Platform.

XP is for any provider who offer something unique and, interesting no matter where the location and destination is.

With XP, providers can create unlimited experiences and events customised to different Guests. These lets you reach out to a wide audience and earn additional revenue.

Huptown XP

Why Huptown XP

In a World full of things to do, thrill and experience seekers often get lost in the vast shadow of the internet and other apps, going through pages of Google and complex booking systems to reach you. With our distribution networks and the Huptown app built for Users of all kinds, we are helping to solve the discoverability problem through our magical optimisation algorithm.

For you, this translates into better discovery and an opportunity to increase your sales.

Where possible, we aim to bring your Guests to your door by connecting them with travel and transport services to make their experience seamless.

How it works

Once we have approved your account, you can start creating your events and experiences from your XP dashboard.

Our team will do a review to ensure that your listings comply with our Community Standards. Once approved, users can start discovering your experiences and can book instantly.

When you make a sale, we will notify you through your XP dashboard and with email notification. When a Guest arrives at your door, they will present a QR code, which also has a booking number that you have to check-in through your dashboard.

It’s that simple!

Huptown is not a subscription service, and there’s no fee to pay to be a provider, we will only charge a small commission of between 3-10% on every booking.

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