Huptown Driver Recruitment (UK 2024).

Huptown is excited to announce our phased approach to driver recruitment in the UK commencing this January through December 2024.

Phase One: January to March 2024 

The initial phase kicks off in January extending through the end of March 2024.

During this period, recruitment will exclusively take place in London and Birmingham, where Huptown has secured Tfl and Birmingham operational licenses.

We value the expertise and proficiency that seasoned drivers bring to our platform, ensuring that our customers receive a superior experience, therefore, Huptown will prioritise recruiting experienced drivers for this phase.

In phase one, Executive drivers will not be recruited in London, but in Birmingham we welcome all drivers including Executive drivers in Birmingham, allowing us to streamline operations and meet the unique demands of our clientele in this region.

Phase Two: June to August 2024

Building on the momentum generated in the first phase, we will initiate the second phase of our recruitment drive from June to August 2024. This phase will encompass an expanded geographical footprint, covering Greater London, West Midlands, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Oxford, and Manchester.

Phase Three: to be announced soon.

Details regarding the third phase of 2024 recruitment processes will be announced at a later date.

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