Introducing the Huppoints

The Huppoint is Huptown’s loyalty and reward system designed to provide incentives for consistency, loyalty, and quality service delivery.

Reward systems are not new in the ride-hailing industry, but loyalty systems that are designed with drivers in mind are rare.

We have designed the Huppoints as a program to encourage and reward consistent positive behaviours. It comes with some great some perks and extras along the way.

How it works.

When a driver completes a trip and receives a golden smile rating, they will earn some points. Points can then be used to redeem rewards like fuel vouchers, health and sickness insurance, free experience pass, experience discounts, and many more stuff like cash back.

Drivers can also save their Huppoints to redeem higher value items like free EV technician training and insurance discounts, along with several other great perks.