Introducing TownPass CoverHup.

Huptown trip protection cover. Subscription plan

With staffing shortages and different crises continuing to affect airlines, last-minute cancellation and missing luggage is now an everyday occurrence.

Protecting your flight and holiday gives you the peace of mind needed when you need to travel in the midst of today’s chaos and uncertainty. Besides, in a World where things crop up every time; family emergencies, business, Covid and whatnot, having an extra layer of protection for your flight and holiday would not be a bad idea.

What type of subscription plan is CoverHup?

COVERHUP is an annual multi-trip cover designed to protect your travel against unexpected cancellations, delays, and unpleasant events such as Covid and luggage loss. COVERHUP lets you pay your annual cover in three monthly instalments to save costs.                                                    

Who is it for?

Frequent traveller, Holidaymaker, Under 75.

Where is COVERHUP available?

CoverHup is only available presently in the UK but will be available in other cities around you soon.

What if I already have an ATOL protection?

ATOL protection will only cover you in the event that your holiday provider fails, especially if you have booked a package holiday, or a flight with a hotel or car hire, from a company that is part of the CAA’s national ATOL scheme in the UK.

In the event that your holiday supplier fails, the CAA will refund the money paid for the holiday, or if you’re already abroad, to help you get you home. ATOL does not cover flights, cancellations, and lost luggage.

What is insured?

  • Up to 6 approved claims in any 12-month period, UK residents.

What are the benefits?

  • 80% of flight cost purchased for a maximum of £3000, bought via any platform with evidence of a receipt (Your flight doesn’t have to be purchased from Huptown).
  • 80% of your holiday package costing a maximum of £3000, bought from anywhere including via Huptown with evidence of a receipt
  • Refund for any non-refundable deposit paid for a holiday, hotel, or flight not more than £250 in cases you have not been entitled to a refund
  • Refund for a tour package bought on Huptown, where a refund is not processed for cancellation
  • 80% refund for any reason flight cancellation up to 48 hours before your 80scheduled departure
  • 80% refund on flight cancellation by the airline up to 24 hours before your scheduled departure, in this case, we will refund or help rebook your flight
  • Flight replacement or refund due to Covid complication such as if you test positive during your flight
  • 80% refund on your accommodation and flight in case of insolvency of airline and hotel operators
  • £50 compensation if your flight is delayed for over 5 hours
  • 100 Hupcoins awarded at the end of your third month subscription.

Restrictions on the cover?

  • You can only claim 80% of the total flight or holiday package cost per claim
  • You can make up to £1200 per claim (free) and without excesses paid
  • For claims beyond £1200, we will require an “excess” payment of between £100-£200.
  • COVERHUP is an annual plan divided into monthly payments, to make a claim you must have completed the annual payment of £204/year. In the event that you have only made a few payments, you may be asked to complete your annual payment to process your claim.
  • Flight must be in your name or the name of a member of your family; family members include you, your partner, and dependent children under 25 living at home with you permanently or outside of term time.
  • One of your flight itineraries must originate from, terminate in, or pass through the UK.
  • You must have bought for at least 30 days before a claim can be made

What is not Covered?

  • Any type of booking not mentioned in the Policy Wording above.
  • Any reason you know about when buying the policy or booking a trip, that may cause you to make a claim.
  • Being under the influence of alcohol/drugs, solvent abuse, self-exposure to needless risk or an illegal or criminal act.
  • Any loss or theft not reported to the airline, hotel and the police within 24 hours of discovery.
  • Claims without verifiable evidence