Introducing TownPass FLY-X

Huptown flyX

With the cost of travel skyrocketing from time to time, there is no better way to lock in better prices and travel without fuss. For a reasonable fee paid in two small instalments, FLYX is on hand to help users avoid the high cost of travel by waving off commissions, fees and extra taxes which would be usually passed on to them.

How it works.

FLYX is our travel subscription plan that let users save on flights, hotels, and holidays via discount cashbacks. This plan is suitable for frequent travellers who wish to travel two times or above in a year using flights and hotels.

The “advance booking period”?

When a plan is bought for the first time, there is an advance booking period of 35 days before the discount can be used. After the initial period, FLYX can be used at any time. To make use of a plan immediately after purchase, a user will be asked to make a one-time subscription payment covering the whole year.

Cancelling and pausing a subscription

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time by turning off the auto-renew button before the beginning of the next payment date.

Redeeming discounts

Once there is an active subscription plan in place, user does not have to take any action to get the qualifying discount. Each time a flight or an hotel is bought, Huptown will refund the user with the discount value within 7-10 days.

Restrictions on your FLYX subscription

  • All bookings must reflect the traveller’s name as the traveller or part of a group of travellers such as family members.
  • Discounts are not applicable to bookings made before the start of your subscription or during the advance booking period.
  • Discounts will be limited to the amount specified in the terms and conditions of the subscription page
  • Users will only be able to make a maximum of 12 bookings per month, of which 6 can be for air tickets, 5 for hotels and 2 for tours and holidays.
  • Only selected trips recommended by us will qualify for tour and holiday discounts.
  • Discounts will not cover additional products or services such as extra bags, trip cover, seats, rides and so on.

Where is FLY-X available?

FLY-X is currently only available in the UK, it will be coming to other cities soon.