Introducing TownPass Save Now Fly Later.

huptown save now fly later


TownPass, Save Now Fly Later is a monthly subscription plan designed with travellers in mind to help save in advance for future flights, hotels, and holidays in small instalments.

SAVE NOW FLY LATER also provides discounts on hotels, flights and holiday bookings made on Huptown all year round and let users accumulate the HupCoin easily.

Who is it for?

SAVE NOW FLY LATER is Suitable for anyone over 18 who plan to book flights, hotels or go on holiday in 3 months and beyond. Savings and all credits can only be spent on Huptown.


This plan has many benefits as listed below.

  • Build your own travel savings steadily and travel when you can
  • Get more value for your money with plenty of available discounts and other perks
  • Avoid predatory credit lenders and interest rates through popular (Buy Now Pay Later schemes) if you want to take on any credit
  • All your travel plans in one app
  • Select from thousands of available trip and travel options
  • Use your credit towards, hotels, flights, tours and holidays.
  • Accumulate more Hupcoins easily.

The “advance booking period”?

SAVE NOW FLY LATER is perfect for saving and planning your travel for at least three months in advance from when you buy your initial plan and your desired travel date.

For example, if you plan to travel on the (1st of September), you must have had a FLY LATER plan before the preceding three months, which is (June 1st) or prior to that.

The advance period lets you build some travel savings and plan toward your travel goals.

Is this like a savings account?

SAVE NOW PAY LATER is not a savings account and is not a regulated financial product by the FCA or other financial regulators.

It is our product solution designed to help travellers plan, save, and manage travel goals effectively.

We’ve also designed the plan to assist users to rely less on taking on unnecessary debt in meeting travel needs but instead use their own savings that comes with no interest.

What if I default on my monthly payment?

There is no such thing as default payment with this plan because it is not a contract except you are taking on extra trip credit and if that is the case, there will be an affordability check to ensure you can pay back any credit.

The plan is flexible and subscription actions are not reported to any reference agencies.

If you wish to cancel or pause your plan at any time, simply turn off the auto-renew button before the end of your current monthly renewal date.

How can I freeze a booking?

Price freezing works as advance booking when you have not saved enough to cover your desired trip.

If you have seen a flight, hotel, or holiday that you’d like to book but want to freeze your seat or space in lieu of your travel date to avoid paying extra if the price goes up, you can freeze the booking for up to 6 months in advance if the seller does not provide flexible payment options.

To use price freeze, you have to be approved for our 0% interest trip credit and must wait until after the advance booking period.

Can I put more money into my savings without taking on credit?

After saving some money and you are ready to book a trip but don’t wish to do so by taking on extra credit, you are welcome to do so.

You can always pay any balance left to complete any booking with a one-time payment.

Are there charges for using SAVE NOW FLY LATER?

There are no extra charges for having a FLY LATER subscription and even if you take on credit, we do not charge any extras.

How will I book trips?

After your advance booking period, simply inform us whenever you want to make a booking via the app.

We will provide special payment details and codes to use for processing your booking.

If you wish to apply for trip credit, we will send you a link to provide some information and if all turns out fine, you can start making your travel booking the same day.

COVERHUP protection applicability?

If you use your SAVE NOW FLY LATER plan to book a trip, you will also be eligible to get some COVERHUP benefits such as:

  • Compensation for lost luggage
  • Up to £250 refund for any non-refundable deposit paid for any holiday, hotel, or flight booked on Huptown

How long can I save for?

You can save for as long as you want or in line with your travel goals.

Can I cancel my plan?

You can cancel your plan at any time, you can do so by turning off the auto-renew button before the end of your current plan date.

If you wish to continue, you can turn on the auto-renew at any time.

Where is SAVE NOW FLY LATER available?

This plan is currently only available in the UK but it’s coming to other cities soon.