Introducing TownPass StaycationX.

huptown vacationx

As vacationing abroad gets more expensive and unpredictable due to persistent airport chaos and high travel costs, spending a holiday close to home is now a popular trend; and so, ‘staycation  is a safer option.

StaycationX is our annual holiday subscription plan designed specifically for quality staycations close to home.

The TownPass plan saves users the hassle of searching through hundreds of websites and apps to find suitable staycation destinations while helping to lock in a suitable price in advance.

Huptown partners with destinations and accommodation providers to design and offer a suitable and desirable staycation experience so subscribers don’t have to worry about spending time doing it.

StaycationX is also a way of saving towards the next holiday.

It comes with a bit of surprise too as subscribers are not aware of the destination or location of the staycation until one week before; once a plan in bought subscribers are contacted to make pre-travel arrangements.

Why Staycation with Huptown?

Huptown staycation plan offers all the that a traveller would expect from a magical stay to excellent accommodation including perks and much more. Huptown staycation is available to everyone, providing you are 18 years and above.

Where will guests stay?

Staycationers will stay in different types of accommodations ranging from apartment to hotel room, cottages and so on. Our team takes a curated approach by specially selecting locations and accommodations that we provide to guests.

When should I get one?

StaycationX is designed to help users plan, save and maximise their annual Staycation; we expect plans to be bought at least 6 months before a planned trip. However, subscribers can request to travel 2 months into subscription but this will depend on availability and may cost more.

Price changes and service discontinuity

We reserve the right to increase or decrease the price of this subscription from time to time, the up-to-date price will be shown on the Huptown app. If we increase the price during your subscription, you will not be charged extra as you have paid a locked-in price. If we decrease the price, we may apply a discount to your subscription at our discretion. Huptown reserves the right to discontinue this subscription plan at any time due to various reasons such as limited availability or other factors.

Travelling with children

You should discuss who will be travelling with you during pre-planning arrangements including any children and their ages. Children must be supervised by parents and carers and will remain the responsibility of the adult during your stay.

Cancelling and pausing a subscription

You can cancel your subscription at any time by turning off the auto-subscription button before the beginning of your next payment date. We will be unable to refund any previous payment you’ve made if you decide to cancel your subscription but can use it to provide you with other services at our discretion. Subscriptions can be paused by turning off your auto-subscription for a period of 4 months. If you decide to turn on your subscription after four months, it will still count as part of your yearly subscription but your benefits may be delayed or re-arranged based on availability.

Subscribing to another plan while keeping a STAYCATIONX

If you wish to subscribe to another Townpass plan but wish to continue your STAYCATIONX you can do so by stopping the auto-renew button to start another plan after the expiry of your current plan. If you want to keep the benefit of your STAYCATIONX, you will have to pay the rest of the balance.

Where is StaycationX Available?

StaycationX is currently only available in the UK but will be coming to other cities soon. The plan is only available on the Huptown app.

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