INVITE: Townsquare Interactive Online Session with Drivers.

We have some exciting news! You are invited to our first Townsquare online session for Drivers. The session is to learn about how Huptown can support you as a driver, address your concerns and answer your questions about joining and driving for Huptown.

We believe that through the power of interaction and engagement, we can empower our driver community and enable them to do more. This interactive Townsquare session will provide insights and answer questions that drivers will need to become successful driving for Huptown.

Learn What Huptown has to offer and how we aim to push the boundaries into a new world of Mobility.

Engage with Huptown experts and help shape the future of our products

Find solution to any problem that you be faced with either as a new or existing driver.

Who should attend:

Huptown Driver

Huptown Connect Driver.

  • Date: Wednesday 18th of January 2023
  • Time: 10:00am
  • Venue: Zoom

You have to be Registered to attend.

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