Long-stay and Workcation perfect destinations

Since the resumption of travel after the Coronavirus hiatus, 2022 has been an unusual travel year due to persistent chaos at airports, flight cancellations, missing luggage, and long queues. The rising cost of travel to popular destinations and the need for longer-travel stays fuelled by the sharp rise in remote work is making people shelve their plans and rethink how and where the next destination is. 

As this year’s travel season has been affected by the above-mentioned factors, we see new trends shaping what might become the new normal in coming years.

Beside new trends in domestic travel, travellers are going to be on the lookout for longer vacation or workcation holiday to destinations with low budgets and all mods cons.

Here are some wonderful destinations that offer the best of all Worlds, from low-budget to long-stay and workcation perfect destinations for discerning travellers who are in search of something different.

Cape Town/South Africa

Cape Town is a must-visit destination because of its scenic charm and natural beauty. Whether it is hiking, dining with the sharks, or enjoying the mouth-watering cuisine of South Africa, Cape Town has it all. It is a Mediterranean cum tropical city full of diversity, fun and relaxation.

Game reserves are commonplace in a city that is home to buffalos, elephants, leopards, and tropical animals to give your stay a safari touch.

Apart from its beautiful coastlines and lovely beaches, the all-year-round temperate weather, especially between October to April gives Cape Town away. The city is suitable for short holidays but is perfect for long-stay because it is an affordable location to spend time relaxing or working remotely. It is even more ideal for a Workcation stay because it sits in the same time zone with Europe and offers a perfect escape from winter.


Albania is a Balkan country in South-eastern Europe that is full of fascinating history, beauty, and nature. An under-dog riviera, holiday makers will be wowed by Albania’s peaceful atmosphere because it has no presence of mass tourism.

Full of sandy and clear blue beaches, Albania has a Mediterranean climate and is a cheap place to travel to. From its National Park to the Seven lakes of Lura, it’s a place for adventure seekers and those who want something different from popular destinations. Albania is an amazing hotspot for Workcation because it offers everything needed for successful remote work such as high-speed internet, safety, and affordability.

Albania’s time zone is Central European Time +2 meaning it has only two hours time difference from many cities in Europe making it an ideal place close to home for holiday seekers and remote workers who live in Europe.


Canggu is a perfect hotspot for long stays and remote work when you need to escape the boring every day for something more.

The Indonesian Jewel is an Island full of magical temples and stunning beauty, with tropical climate and a laid-back atmosphere. Canggu beaches are pristine and captivating because they provide relaxation and a breathe taking experience when combined with activities like surfing and adventures that are plenty on the Island.

From cliff jumping to surf breaks and yoga retreats, Caggu is a desirable place to be for holiday makers who want affordability, relaxation adventure and nature. Caggu is also an ideal destination for digital nomads as thousands of remote workers call it home.

Mexico City/Mexico

The old Aztec empire is full of history and is known for culture, arts, and architecture.

Mexico City is known to be one of the liveliest cities because of its friendly people, mouth-watering cuisine, and buzzing nightlife. Its warm climate and unspoilt beaches make it an ideal place for everyone, old or young, solo, or family.

There is an abundance of food, and the cost of living is low making it a place to spend long vacation or operate as a digital nomad and remote worker.

For some years, the city has drawn many long staycationers and remote workers but the time for Mexico City is now because it offers the needed escape from the high cost of living faced in Western countries making it a safe haven for remote workers.

The time zone in Mexico may be different from Europe, but it is perfect for Americans. For digital nomads, freelancers, and entrepreneurs with global clientele, the city sits in the middle of all time zones, and you can’t just ask for more.


The city of Zanzibar, located in the East African country of Tanzania, is a tropical destination with lots of history, character and colour.

The Island of spice and a place of pristine clear blue beaches, and nature, is suitable for everyone to relax and unwind. With a history influenced by Arabs, Europeans and Indians, the city’s cultural and architectural past still stands, making it worth the visit.

Zanzibar is close-by to other cities such as Arusha in Tanzania and other East African cities where travellers can regularly explore and engage in various adventure activities from adventure to Safari.

Zanzibar has a lot of adventure activities and is a cheap and affordable destination for holidaymakers, digital nomads and remote workers.

Its brilliant tropical cuisine, temperate weather, and friendly people mean you may not want to leave again.


The Indie Ocean Island is a place of unspoilt nature and beauty.

Mauritius is a must-visit because of its lush green forests, clear blue sandy beaches, national parks, and spectacular culture.

The country is often associated with relaxing and romantic holidays because of its chill and relaxing atmosphere, but Mauritius has much more and offers something for everyone.

As a tropical Island, its warm temperature all year round makes it just about right for everyone to engage in all types of activities such as cycling, kayaking, skydiving, walking trails and everything fun and adventurous. For long-time stayers, and digital nomads, living and working in Mauritius will convince you that life begins when you travel to a destination that is close to nature.

Mauritius is affordable and has been attracting long stayers and digital nomads alike.

Ko Pha Ngan/Thailand

Chances are, you’ve heard about the rich and beautiful culinary culture of Thailand, making it an ideal place for foodies and those who want to live healthily and sustainably.

Four hours away from the Capital city of Bangkok, Ko Phangan’s warm weather, beautiful culture, spiritual atmosphere, and unspoilt nature makes it a nice place to visit and stay. Its lush green tropical jungles, beaches and national parks are next to nature making it a place to escape to and spend some time.

Ko Phangan is becoming a popular destination for ex-pats and tourists making it an international cultural melting pot and a perfect place for holidaymakers and digital nomads. It is affordable and has plenty of events and adventures to do.

Cost-wise, it is cheap and offers good value for money.


Antalya is located in the Mediterranean coast of south-west Turkey, and is a place of stunning culture, nature, and beauty. Apart from its temperate climate, Antalya has spectacular sandy beaches and blue waters with stunning places to visit.

The Riviera city is popular as a beach destination where people buy properties because it is affordable and has stunning cuisines and Mediterranean vibes. The nightlife, attractions, resorts, restaurants, and glorious places like Alanya make Antalya a unique and worthy place not only to visit but to stay. 

Antalya is 3-4 hours away by flight and time zone from most European cities and is a very affordable place to work and stay for anyone.

Costa Rica

The Central American country of Costa Rica is amazing because it has so much to see and do. It is a destination known for abundant nature, lush jungles and wildlife with so much adventure, chill and fun.

Costa Rica’s beautiful beaches, national park, temperate weather, and spectacular waterfalls make it a place to be. Places like Nosara are affordable and have temperate weather all year round and amazing locals, making the Central American nation an attractive destination for longer-stay and workcations.

In terms of food, there is plenty of amazing local and international delicacies to eat. Costa Rica has been recently crowned as the Happy country in the World and it should be on everyone’s visit list to get a fair share of the happiness.

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