Ridehailing is Dead. Mobility is the New Cool!

Does ridehailing meet citizens’ mobility needs? Does it make transportation cheaper, safer, and more accessible? Does ridehailing help to reduce traffic and congestion problems in cities? Does it respond to the problems of the gig economy? Is the ridehailing industry even competitive?

The reality is that the ridehailing industry has failed to fulfil its promise of helping to navigate through today’s complex transport system in global city centres. It is arguable that ridehailing, has among other factors worsened old and existing problems like traffic, cost, competition, and accessibility through systems like surge pricing, high marketplace commission, and disregard for regulation and suppliers’ rights.

What’s more, the recent pandemic has worsened the labour situation leading to critical shortage of drivers, thus, adding to an age long decline of talent and labour mobility.

Ridehailing is much loved by urban dwellers, and especially the so -called digital natives because of its benefits of reducing car ownership pressure and helping to get around easily.

So, is it time for a change?

In today’s highly complex World characterised by different urban problems and shifting citizens’ behaviours, there is no doubt that a more responsive transport system designed with the needs of users in mind would have to emerge due to the failure of today’s ridehailing business.

Mobility presents an opportunity to press a reset button allowing providers to reduce existing complexities by introducing new dynamics and delivering them through seamless access points, therefore, saving the user a lot of stress, money, and time.

A well-designed mobility system will increase transport accessibility by delivering on better costs, improved usability, and accessibility while also aiming to reduce stress and friction by simplifying the customer journey. One key promise of mobility is that it can help to prioritise the needs of critical stakeholders such as drivers while delivering a refined version of existing business models.

Huptown is delivering an integrated mobility app with strong focus on better usability, cost, accessibility, and customer experience. Huptown will be the first of a kind mobility service because of our new approach towards pureplay travel that delivers bundled transport packages among a host of product features that we have in the pipeline.

In months ahead, Huptown will unravel a raft of unrivalled products and services that combines the best of transportation with other travel services such as air, rail and ground while connecting adjacent services such as experiences and the tourism industry into one product.

The mobility industry is just emerging and Huptown aims to be the World’s #1.

So, if it’s not Huptown, it’s probably not going to be Mobility.

Are you ready to ride?

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