Introducing E-Onboarding for Huptown Drivers.

After a few months of iteration, we have taken a giant leap forward in optimizing our driver onboarding process by implementing E-onboarding. This approach aims to save time, reduce complexities, and enhance safety measures for drivers joining the Huptown platform. E-Onboarding: Following the Fintech Footsteps E-onboarding, has been successfully utilised in the Fintech industry for sometime…
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Forget 5 Stars, Go for Huptown Golden Smile

Five-star ratings are synonymous with every marketplace and e-commerce platforms because they help provide simple feedbacks that are used to evaluate service quality and reflect on the behaviour of users and service providers. But 5 stars are also known to be sometimes less trustworthy and misleading. Huptown believes that 5-star ratings are boring and are not designed for today’s platform…
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