The New Way to Travel. TownPass!

TownPass is Huptown’s travel subscription plan designed to give riders and travellers better value for money through a simple monthly travel package.

TownPass is the future of (Travel and Mobility-as-a-service), a smart, and cost-effective way to meet user’s increasingly complex travel needs.

Passes are offered through bundled rides combined with other products such as trains, air tickets and package holidays and is available through a variety of monthly package plans. TownPass saves time and makes it easier to budget towards travel and plan well ahead of time.

TownPass is a monthly recuring plan but not a contract and can be cancelled at any time giving users all the flexibility that is needed. To capture different lifestyles, TownPass will cater to a wide array of people from occasional to regular users who value travel as part of everyday life.

Here are some of the examples of our TownPass plans.

  • TOWNX: – (travel on budget with limited Huptown rides).
  • FLEX: (designed for regular longer rides for the everyday traveller).
  • APEX: (Rides, air tickets, and train pass combined).

With HupCoin, our premier loyalty scheme, users will earn coins upon completion of every trip so you can redeem more beautiful rewards.

TownPass will only be available in limited locations.